How to Build Your 2024 Loan Officer Recruiting Plan

Watch this webinar to learn about innovative approaches to recruiting loan officers in the mortgage industry. We explore data-driven recruitment strategies with Mobility Market Intelligence (MMI), a powerful tool for Mortgage Lenders.

This session provides insights into identifying talent, effective communication for initial contacts, the importance of follow-up, and practical applications and techniques for better recruitment outcomes. The session is ideal for all Recruiting Leaders, Branch Managers, Business Development Teams, and Executive roles looking to enhance their Loan Officer recruitment strategies.

This webinar is a great chance to improve your recruitment methods and help your team succeed with data-driven strategies.

Speakers: J. Tony Thompson, CEO Cultural Outreach, Heidi Iverson, V.P. Strategic Partnerships, MMI

This webinar benefits:

  • Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs)
  • Sales Executives
  • Recruiters
  • Regional/Branch Managers
  • Anyone looking to grow diversity in their sales team