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MMI’s Visual Intelligence (VI) boards provide users with an easy-to-grasp view of hard-to-grasp data. Featuring the same (and more) intelligence from our Data Center but in a more compact and digestible visual format.

VI Boards are available in set packages of themed boards. Premier Enterprise customers have access to the full suite of VI boards as well as any new boards as they come available. Basic Enterprise customers receive our standard Lender Package with additional packages available as paid add-ons.

Visual Intelligence

Available Visual Intelligence Boards

Visual Intelligence


Enterprise customers get access to our standard set of Lender VI boards. You can query and filter these boards but their widgets are static. Only Custom Boards can be customized.

  • Lender Comparison

    Compare two lenders head-to-head across multiple KPIs.

  • Lender Spotlight

    Deep dive into one specific lender, revealing production trends, top performing LOs, map of county performance, and more on one page.

  • Market Analysis

    View national metrics for all loan and transaction types and use filters to dive into more specific market trends.

  • Executive Report

    Report on your organization’s positioning and trends in the market. Easily view trends by month, quarter or year.

Visual Intelligence


Recruiting teams love our VI boards because they have every bit of information they need to research prospects and deep dive into candidates.

  • Recruit Center

    Discover the best LOs for your team with this dynamic board where you can click maps to drill down by state and county. Plus, filter by loan & transaction type.

  • LO Benchmark

    Compare peer performance of LOs across multiple categories. You can view this at a national level or on a company-based level.

  • LO Review

    Choose one LO at a company and easily scan through their production highlights from their county production to top agent partners.

  • Office Search (Coming Soon)

    Similar to the Recruit Center, you will be able to perform the same drill down and searches at the office level.

One-click Filtering


Loan Officers can leverage several boards to help them in their search for agent partners.

  • Upward Mobility

    Find opportunities to connect with local agents by filtering by State, MSA, County, City and Zip Code.

  • LO Benchmark

    Compare peer performance of LOs across multiple categories. You can view this at a national level or on a company-based level.

  • Agent Teams (Coming Soon)

    Search for agent partners at the team instead of just individual level.

  • Agent Offices (Coming Soon)

    Perform research and searches related to the real estate office.

CRA and LMI boards

Social Impact

For banks and credit unions, MMI’s Social Impact boards provide a quick and easy-to-digest view into key CRA and LMI metrics.

  • Census Tracts

    Engage with census tract maps to identify market trends related to minority populations and discover ways to enhance your fair lending practices.

  • Low-Moderate Income (LMI)

    Filter production for a lender or LO by low-to-moderate income regions. View total production as well as what percent of total production LMI lending constitutes.

  • Minority Community Lending

    Locate minority, LMI, and MMCT census tracts and discover opportunities to diversify your lending practices.

  • Recruit+ Diversity

    Accelerate your search for the right Loan Officer and find talent producing in diverse and underserved areas.

wholesale features


Wholesale lenders have unique needs when it comes to how they want to view transaction data, and MMI provides this with our Wholesale VI Board Package.

  • TPO Insights

    Target a funding lender to view their origination partnerships. Additionally select an originator to identify their servicing lenders.

  • TPO Prospects

    Focus on an originating lender to discover their servicing partners as well as list of all the brokers they work with.

  • Non-QM Insights (Coming Soon)

Custom Board


Premier Enterprise accounts can request one custom VI board. Custom quotes available for additional dashboards. Additionally, MMI can work with you on a monthly engagement to keep the board maintained and updated.

  • A data design specialist will work closely with your team to build and assemble a VI board that speaks to exactly the data points your business needs to see.
  • Custom boards can tap into any of the existing data tables from within MMI’s Data Center.
  • They can additionally utilize any of MMI’s current and future supplemental data sets such as our CRA or LMI tables.


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