Actionable intelligence. Arriving daily.

Intelligence Notifications from MMI hit your daily and in near real-time, including agent listing alerts. Get email alerts when activity connected to past properties, borrowers, or tracked agents merits action. A true low-effort, ultra-reward feature.

IN.Box Features

Agent Tracking and Alerts

Tracked Agent Alerts

  • Automatically track any agent you’ve done a deal with in the past, both on the buyside and listside. Requires zero input or uploads from you.
  • Receive a same-day listing alert when any of your agent partners lists a new property on the market.
  • Research and track any agent prospects in your area that you want to monitor and receive notifications when they put new properties on the market as well.

Credit Monitoring

Credit Monitoring

Now accepting alpha testers. Request more info here.
  • Receive prompt alerts when past clients undergo credit checks by competing lenders, giving you a fair and early opportunity to retain their business.
  • Ensure compliance and tap into a fresh marketing avenue. We handle the mailing of the mandatory Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) firm offer of credit letter to every customer you’re notified about.
  • Simple plug-and-play setup. Bypass the need for developers and extensive file transfers when you harness our data and begin monitoring your company’s available loan portfolio instantly.
  • Expand your monitored audience by using our loan data to monitor the loans/borrowers your Loan Officers closed at prior companies as well as your own.

Property Monitor

Property Monitoring

  • MMI automatically monitors every property a Loan Officer has closed in the past. When that property is listed for sale MMI Users receive an immediate email alert with any seller and agent details.
  • Access your list of alerts in MMI to see detailed property and agent information.

Property Intelligence Activity Notification

Property Intelligence Activity Notifications (Coming Soon)

Coming soon for Premier Enterprise customers.
  • For Premier Enterprise clients, when you have a Property Intelligence Page created for a client, you’ll be alerted about any key actions they take on the site.
  • This includes when they adjust refinance or paydown calculators.
  • Get alerts when borrowers achieve certain property equity thresholds. You can then reach out to have a relevant conversation about how they can take advantage of their equity situation.


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