Trust data to guide partner growth

Every LO’s priority should be to win more business from new and existing agent partners. The best way to do this is by knowing how much business they’re doing, when and where they’re doing it, and who they’re doing it with. Insights that MMI users access on a daily basis.

Partner Growth

Features for Partner Growth

Agent History

Agent Transaction History

Informed agent outreach starts with data. With MMI, you have access to real estate agent detailed transaction history going as far back as 2018.

  • Filter your search criteria by city, by volume, and by transactions.
  • See what LOs they have previously worked on with as buyside, listside and even dualside agents.
  • Rank and sort buyside and listside agents by multiple criteria.

Agent Tracking and Alerts

Agent Tracking & Alerts

Know your agent partners and targets inside out. Get full and near-instant visibility into their activity.

  • Automatically track any agent you’ve done a deal with zero input needed from you.
  • Research and track any agent prospects you want to monitor.
  • Same-day listing alerts allow you to reach out to tracked agents as soon as they have a new house on the market.

Wallet Share

Agent Wallet Share

Do you know how much of your top partner’s business you earn? It’s probably less than you think. So stop thinking and start knowing with MMI’s Agent Wallet Share feature.

  • See a full view of what percentage of business you have from each agent partner and uncover opportunities to win more deals.
  • Drill down to the loan types your partners are doing with you and other agents — a great conversation starter if you have loan types they aren’t unaware of.
  • Discover which agent prospects already work with a trusted partner or which don’t and are wide open for winning over.

Property Monitor

Property Monitor

MMI’s instantly alerts you when any property you previously worked on hits the market. This event is the perfect time to get a warm intro to your past borrower’s listing agent.

  • MMI automatically monitors every property you previously did a deal on. When it’s listed for sale, you’ll get immediate email alerts with any seller and agent details.
  • Access this same listing alert database directly from within MMI for quick access to agent and borrower details.


Knowing where to start looking for new agent partners can be a struggle. Instead, why not let big data find agent prospects for you?

  • Get matched with compatible agents you’ve never worked with who have been doing similar transactions as you in the same area, sometimes on the same street.
  • Access an agent’s Fast Fact profile in one click to quickly research their potential.
  • Matches refresh daily so you can consistently find new partners.

It worked for them. Why not you?

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Josh Harmatz

“ I think you're a fool if you're not using MMI.”

Josh Harmatz
MMI Enterprise Customer
1.9x graph

In 2022, loan officers using MMI produced 1.9x more volume than their LO peers who didn’t have access to MMI data.

Thousands of top-producing loan officers rely on MMI data and alerts to help them grow their agent partner network. Take a demo to see how.

Data Drives Results

  • “My team of loan originators enjoys being able to see their referral partner activity.  It’s also advantageous to see what the competition’s production looks like in order for me to gauge where we stand in comparison.”
    —Brian Beard, Mortgage Leader

  • “Discovering MMI was a game-changer. It’s my essential data backbone, delivering new listing information to my inbox for existing agent relationships, as well as the agents on my prospect list. I highly recommend MMI for any LO looking to cost effectively improve efficiencies.”
    Jeff Bell, President, Upwell Mortgage

  • “MMI has been a very valuable resource in the course of my business. It helps me to identify which realtors to work with and those that fit my mortgage model the best. I couldn’t do my business without it.”
    Dianne Steffey, Branch Manager

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