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Make smarter and more informed decisions when you tap into MMI’s industry-leading mortgage and real estate transaction data.

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Data for all.

  • Search & filter past transactions for Lenders, LOs, RE Agents & RE Offices

  • 95%+ coverage of the U.S. for Real Estate & Mortgage Transactions

  • From the front lines to the C-suite, every mortgage professional will benefit from flipping on MMI’s data guidance system.

    With detailed information on mortgage transactions covering over 95% of U.S. households, you’ll have unmatched visibility into everything that went into a transaction — real estate agents, loan officers, lenders, title agencies, borrower details, and more.

    Stop flying blind and start charting a clear course towards your goals.

    For Individuals
  • Historical Transaction Data for the past five-to-six years

  • Transaction data updates every night.

From data to deals.


LOs can turn alerts and analysis into action and production.

  • Track real estate agents with new listings pushed to you daily
  • Analyze current agent wallet share to spot growth opportunities
  • Receive same-day listing alerts from your past customer database
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Josh Harmatz

“ I think you're a fool if you're not using MMI.”

Josh Harmatz
MMI Enterprise Customer

How We Do it

  • Consume

    MMI consumes billions of bits of data every month from thousands of transactional sources.

  • Validate

    Through our proprietary matching, cleansing and data validation process, we standardize the data and enter it into our MMI Data Center.

  • Monitor

    Data is not perfect. We constantly and rigorously self-scout our sources to ensure accuracy.


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    MMI has plans that will work for everyone, from the individual broker to the nationwide enterprise lender.  See what’s right for you.

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    Beyond data, MMI is constantly developing and producing resources that will help mortgage professionals. From webinars to white papers to interactive calculators, we’ve got your covered.

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Answers: How often do you update your data?

MMI refreshes our transaction database every night, so you are always guaranteed to see the most recent transactions in your account.

Answers: Do you have data on every single mortgage transaction in the United States?

MMI data covers counties that represent 95% of the U.S. population. We strive for 100% coverage and are constantly improving; however, we are always beholden by how and when certain U.S. counties report transaction data. The reality is that this limits our data in some smaller, less-populated areas of the country.

Answers: What happens if you are missing data?

If you are searching for data and find a transaction missing or with incomplete data, MMI has a process in place where you can file a ticket with our data team to report this inconsistency.  Our team will then get back to you to report on the cause of this issue. We highly encourage our users to self-report any inconsistencies, as this is one way we can consistently improve the accuracy of our data.


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