Lead with data.

Instincts and intuition are critical factors in leading a company. But when you can supplement your gut with data — data that confirms or denies your instincts — you’re leading from a much stronger (and smarter) position.

MMI Data Center

Features for Executives

Visual Intelligence

Visual Intelligence Boards

MMI’s Visual Intelligence (VI) boards are a treasure drove of insightful data for executive leaders. Get the big picture view and then drill down when needed.

  • Lender Comparison boards allow you to see where you stand head-to-head with the competition.
  • Filter by MSA, county, production volume, transaction type and more to identify potential business growth and opportunity.
  • Premier Enterprise customers get one complementary custom VI boards that will show you at a high level every available data point you need to know to make informed decisions. Additional custom boards available for a nominal setup fee.
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CRA and LMI boards

CRA & LMI Boards

For bank and credit union executives, Visual Intelligence provides you with CRA and LMI boards provide a quick and easy to digest view into institutional performance by region.

  • Filter production for a lender or LO by low-income area and/or minority census tract.
  • Data is viewable as gross production volume or as a percentage of overall production.
  • To further enhance fair lending practices, the Census Tract board allows you to filter across states to preview counties and their census tracts along with their concomitant minority population data.

Feature Lender Snapshot

Lender Snapshots

MMI’s Data Center provides quick summary profiles of lenders to give you a high-level overview of the competition’s production trends.

  • Search, filter and rank LO rosters and office locations by production.
  • Look at 14-month averages and trends for production, loan types, purchase vs refi and more, with the ability to breakout production by state.
  • View brokered market share along with a list of TPO-funded deals.
  • Analyze relationships with real estate offices, builders, and title companies.

Keep current with MMI's monthly Mortgage Benchmark Report

Every month MMI sends out the latest data and statistics benchmarking trends so you can see how you and your team’s production stacks up.



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