Data. It's only everything.

Data Guidance System

Data isn’t a part of your business. It’s your entire business. Without it, every decision becomes a guess, every action a hunch. And for data to function properly, it needs a framework, a set of instructions and boundaries. It needs a guidance system.

With the most reliable and dependable mortgage and real estate transaction data in the industry, Mobility Market Intelligence (MMI) delivers that system to mortgage pros of every shape and size.

How We Do It

MMI has successfully assembled the most comprehensive real estate and mortgage transaction database in the industry. But it wasn’t easy.

Since 2018, we have undertaken the laborious and unshortcutable process of identifying, consuming and cleaning transaction data from thousands of public record sources. While it’s a messy and fragmented world with each public source playing by their own set of data rules, there literally is no substitute.

It’s hard work, but we’ve done it just for you. No need to thank us.

Discover Our Data
  1. Connect
    Market to Real Estate Agents Neighborhood

    95% U.S. coverage with over 3,000 county connections

    Mortgage transaction data is tracked on the county level. This represents a unique challenge as every county reports and records differently. Regardless, we are constantly adding counties and improving data quality.

  2. Collect
    Realtor Performance Data Shown as Reinforcement Dam

    New transactions added to database daily

    MMI is set up to quickly, safely and consistently process and deliver upwards of 200,000 new records a week into our database.

  3. Standardize
    MMI matches and cleans 220 mortgage data points

    220 mortgage data points matched & cleaned

    With incoming data of such diverse and varying quality, it needs to be matched, cleaned and standardized. We have created a proprietary database of over 220 mortgage data point variants which we use to clean and standardize incoming data. This is then applied to transaction records which allows for consistent reporting and querying.

  4. Store
    MMI holts over 1.3 TB of transaction data & over 106 million rows of data entries

    1.3 TB of transaction data & over 106 million rows of data entries

    Like a fine wine, our database just gets better with age. Since 2018, we have accumulated tables of nationwide transaction data represented by over 1.3 terabytes of transaction data with over 106 million rows of data entries. (And counting.)

Problems MMI Solves

The problem is most mortgage professionals simply don’t have access to this data. Even worse, they don’t even know it exists.

  • Problem 01

    An LO has coffee with an agent partner without understanding what percentage of deals they’re getting from them.

  • Problem 02

    A recruiter sets up an interview with an LO candidate without reviewing their recent transaction history.

  • Problem 03

    Mortgage leaders make strategic decisions in a region without reliable insight into the precise production of their competitors.

Do you think if they had access to this information, it would guide them to make better decisions?

Yeah, we think so, too.

It works for them. Why not you?

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Kelly Resendez

“ We've been able to recruit top loan officers from all over the nation.”

Kelly Resendez
MMI Enterprise Customer

Top Lenders Trust Our Data

  • Partner Growth

    In an always competitive real estate market, consistent and dependable real estate agent partnerships are invaluable. But forging new relationships or growing existing ones can be difficult for LOs. First, it can be hard to identify who the right partners are to reach out to. And second, once identified, how do they differentiate themselves from every other LO in their market?

    • Search & filter agent transaction data
    • Track agents with new listings identified daily
    • Inspect LO Agent Wallet Share to see what percent of agent’s business you receive
    Explore Partner Growth Solutions
  • Borrower Engagement

    Staying in touch with borrowers in a relevant and timely way drives repeat business. To earn an ongoing relationship with a borrower, an LO has to either: bring something of value to the table; or, reach out at a well-timed, relevant moment. Otherwise, it’s just noise.

    • Get listing alerts for when properties you did deals for hit the market.
    • Provide borrowers with their own custom Property Intelligence page.
    • Receive credit alert triggers when mortgage credit checks occur. (Coming soon)
    Explore Borrower Engagement Solutions
  • Recruiting Research

    Identifying the right LOs to add to your team is critical to growing a successful mortgage business. As helpful as LinkedIn can be, it isn’t going to show you an LO’s production numbers and certainly won’t let you search and filter LOs by VA or FHA volume. Self-reported numbers should be a reference point here, not your North Star.

    • Dive into Fast Facts profiles for every LO to see a full breakdown of stats (e.g. past 14 month volume, YTD, purchase vs. refi, transaction types, loan types)
    • Search, view and sort LOs by production rank, locations and more
    • Research non-producing roles like Underwriter, Processors, LOA and other operational staff
    Explore Recruiting Solutions
  • Executive Insights

    Executive leaders need reliable data to make informed and confident business decisions. Unfortunately, they do not always have access to accurate lender and real estate office data that tells them where and how much production is being done. For banks and credit unions, the issue is compounded by fair lending requirements.

    • With Visual Intelligence boards, executives can research new areas of opportunity down to the MSA and County levels
    • Hone into census tract data to spot opportunities within LMIs
    • Perform peer-to-peer lender analysis to compare: roster, office locations, loan types, purchase vs refi, builder relationships, title company relationships, and more
    Explore Executive Insight Solutions

Stats Block

  • 1.9x

    In 2022, LOs using MMI produced 1.9x the loan volume of LOs without MMI accounts
  • 20

    The number of Top 25 mortgage lenders using MMI
  • 95%

    Percent of U.S. households covered by MMI data
Recruiting research

Referral Partners Guidebook

Referral Partners Guidebook

The right referral partnerships are undoubtedly cornerstone for any LO’s business, but it is all too common for LOs to struggle to build and cultivate these relationships.

Read the Referral Partners Guidebook for tried and true strategies LOs can use to construct and maintain referral partnerships.

Free Mortgage Data Tools

  • Pump Up the Volume

    Pump Up the Volume

  • LO Quick Profile

    LO Quick Profile

  • MMI matches and cleans 220 mortgage data points

    Referral Partners Guidebook

  • Lender Highlight Video

    Lender Snapshot

  • LO Highlight Reel

    LO Highlight Reel

  • Recruiting research

    Power User Playbook: Recruiting Tactics


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