National coverage of all title data.

Title and insurance companies trust MMI’s extensive national coverage of transaction data to identify new lender & agent partnerships in their area.

Benefits for Title & Insurance

LO Rank and Search

Identify new prospects

At the heart of MMI’s Data Center are tools and insights that will help your sales team win more referral business than your competition.

  • Filter and search to identify new lender and agent partnerships in your area.
  • Identify new prospects based on recent home sales by customer portfolio and partner network.
  • Target new agent relationships based on location & deal volume.

Feature Lender Snapshot

Research your competition

MMI provides title agencies with all the tools they need to understand where and with whom their competitors are doing business.

  • View all title companies associated with a lender, LO, real estate agent or office.
  • On the flip side, explore a competitor’s connections with the same entities, including on the buyside and listside of agent transactions.
  • Search directly for title companies with the ability to drill down to the city level.
  • See how much production a title company has done for the last 14 months.

One-click Filtering

Analyze your market area

Informed decisions drive growth. And insightful data drive informed decisions. Use MMI to analyze markets before making any high-risk/high-reward decisions.

  • Zero in on the regional competition by viewing title production rank by state, county or city.
  • Discover new real estate and loan officer partners by geolocation.
  • Use VI Boards to visualize at a high-level lender production performance in targeted areas.

Wallet Share

Stay on top of existing partners

MMI’s data is the perfect way for you to self-scout your existing relationships with lenders and agents as well as to stay alerted to when your agent network has active listings.

  • Analyze current agent wallet share to spot growth opportunities.
  • Identify existing lender partners where you have an opportunity to earn more business.
  • Track agents and target new business with same-day listing alerts from your network.

Our Data

Make smarter and more informed decisions when you tap into MMI’s industry-leading mortgage and real estate transaction data.

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