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Stop relying on self-reported numbers or your intuition when hiring new LOs. Use MMI’s accurate data to find producers that are the right fit for your company. Or use it to validate the production numbers of prospective candidates.

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Features for Recruiters

LO Rank and Search

LO Rank & Search

MMI’s Data Center provides multiple ways for recruiters to search and filter to find top producers who are a fit for your company.

  • Find a specific LO by name or NMLS, search by rank over the last 14 months, or go through a lender’s LO roster.
  • Fast Fact profiles show you a high level snapshot and deep dive summary on an LO’s previous loan history and performance.
  • Find the right candidates by filtering searches by geography, loan type, production volume, time frame, and more.

Prospect List and Favorites

Prospect Lists & Favorites

Stay organized and keep your recruiting pipeline full by creating prospect lists and favoriting LOs in MMI’s Data Center.

  • Easily favorite an LO from their Fast Fact profile for quick reference later.
  • Create multiple prospects lists for various recruiting search efforts.
  • Export your lists into your CRM for ease of outreach.

CRM Sync

CRM Sync

You can connect your CRM of choice to MMI’s Data Center to quickly export an LO into your CRM.

  • Connect to your CRM with minimal technical effort using web hooks.
  • Web hook technology allows you to easily connect into any CRM with an open API or Zapier integration.
  • Once connected, push an LO’s contact details with one-click to organize and automate your outreach.

Enhanced Profiles

Enhanced Profiles

Speed up recruiting outreach by requesting to reveal the email and phone information for a candidate on their Fast Fact Profile. Premier Enterprise only.

  • Upon request MMI will retrieve the phone and/or email of a contact if it’s available.
  • At last estimate, MMI is able to match phone and email for approximately 70% of contacts. However, match rates for top producers are upwards of 90%.
  • Access this same listing alert database directly from within MMI for quick access to agent and borrower details.

Visual Intelligence

Visual Intelligence Boards

MMI’s Visual Intelligence Boards represent a deep and sophisticated resource for recruiters to visually analyze an LO’s production in an interactive and configurable dashboard environment.

  • Dive into a specific LO from the LO Spotlight dashboard.
  • Or look high level at a company level and query by state, county, and more to drill down to LO lists.
  • Easily click from an LO directly into their Data Center Fast Fact profile and even their Consumer Access listing.
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