Data tailored to banks & credit unions.


MMI is well aware of specific lending requirements that banks and credit unions must adhere to. That’s why in addition to the same features available to traditional lenders, we have developed — and continue to develop — tools in MMI to serve the needs of BCUs.

Benefits for Banks & Credit Unions

CRA and LMI boards

Deep Dive into CRA & LMI Boards

MMI’s CRA and LMI Visual Intelligence boards provide a quick and easy-to-digest view into institutional performance by region.

  • Filter lender production by low-income area and/or minority census tract.
  • Data is viewable as gross production volume or as a percentage of overall production.
  • To further enhance fair lending practices, the Census Tract board allows you to filter across states to preview counties and their census tracts along with their concomitant minority population data.
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Filter CRA

Identify Producers in Underserved Communities

It’s never been more important for BCUs to be proactively identifying and recruiting LOs who are lending in underserved communities. MMI turns this process into something a recruiter can do in minutes.

  • Zip code and census tract filters to identify LOs working in and doing business in underserved communities
  • Perform similar searches for RE agents working in these communities.
  • Use MMI’s Enhanced Profiles to get the contact information for these individuals and begin an outreach campaign.
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Property Monitor

Monitor Addresses for Opportunity & Fallout

Use MMI to monitor all bank customer and credit union member addresses to identify any opportunities or risks of fallout.

  • Monitor to see when new listings are put on the market for past borrowers.
  • Understand when a customer or member is having their credit checked for a mortgage. (Coming soon)
  • Use MMI’s comprehensive database to monitor all the closed deals we have on record from both your institution as well as all of those closed by your LOs while at previous employers.


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