The core of your Data Guidance System

Good decisions start with great data. Let MMI’s mortgage transaction Data Center guide you toward continued success with the most dependable and reliable mortgage data in the industry. Use our data to identify new partner opportunities, analyze existing partner relationships, scout the competition, recruit LOs, perform market analysis, the list goes on.


Features of MMI's Data Center

Agent History

Agent Transaction History

  • Filter your search criteria by city, by volume, and by transactions
  • See what LOs they have previously worked on with as buyside, listside and even dualside agents.
  • Rank and sort buyside and listside agents by multiple criteria.

Agent Tracking and Alerts

Agent Tracking & Alerts

  • Automatically track any agent you’ve done a deal with zero input needed from you.
  • Research and track any agent prospects you want to monitor.
  • Same-day listing alerts allow you to reach out to tracked agents as soon as they have a new house on the market.

Wallet Share

Agent Wallet Share

  • See a full view of what percentage of business you have from each agent partner and uncover opportunities to win more deals.
  • Drill down to the loan types your partners are doing with you and other agents — a great conversation starter if you have loan types they aren’t unaware of.
  • Discover which agent prospects already work with a trusted lending partner versus those who don’t and are wide open for winning over.

LO Rank and Search

LO Rank & Search

  • Find a specific LO by name or NMLS, search by rank over the last 14 months, or go through a lender’s LO roster.
  • Fast Fact profiles show you a high level snapshot and deep dive summary on an LO’s previous loan history and performance.
  • Find the right candidates by filtering searches by geography, loan type, production volume, time frame, and more.


  • Get matched with compatible agents you’ve never worked with who have been doing similar transactions as you in the same area, sometimes on the same street.
  • Access an agent’s Fast Fact profile in one click to quickly research their potential.
  • Matches refresh daily so you can consistently find new partners.

Enhanced Profiles

Enhanced Profiles

  • Upon request MMI will instantly retrieve the phone and/or email of a contact if it’s available.
  • At last estimate, MMI is able to match phone and email for approximately 70% of contacts. However, match rates for top producers are upwards of 90%.
  • Access this same listing alert database directly from within MMI for quick access to agent and borrower details.
Available for Premier Enterprise customers only.

Prospect List and Favorites

Prospect Lists & Favorites

  • Easily favorite an LO from their Fast Fact profile for quick reference later.
  • Create multiple prospects lists for various recruiting search efforts.
  • Export your lists into your CRM for ease of outreach.

CRM Sync

CRM Sync

  • Connect to your CRM with minimal technical effort using web hooks.
  • Web hook technology allows you to easily connect into any CRM with an open API or Zapier integration.
  • Once connected, push an LO’s contact details with one-click to organize and automate your outreach.

I love MMI's data

An MMI feature I cannot live without is simply being able to, at a glance, view most recent transaction history and look for those trends in the names.

Eric Capehart

MMI Enterprise Customer
Eric Capehart


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